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Founded in 2002 from the former packaging machinery section of Netlon Packaging Systems, ClippaNet is a company specialising in the supply of equipment and machinery solutions to the net-packaging industry, based on many years of prior experience operating in the net-packaging market in the UK.


Our aim is always to be the first choice supplier to our existing and new customers by being focused on their needs and providing best value in response to those needs through the application of our expertise and that of our supply partners.


Located in Maldon, Essex, ClippaNet offers a full service from providing advice on the various methods of sealing and clipping packaging net through to the supply and support of a wide range of machinery to produce the finished packs. The range of net sealing machinery extends from small, individual foot-operated net clipping machines to the latest state-of-the-art “clip-free” ultrasonic technology for a variety of applications.


To satisfy some requirements for conventional clipping, Clippanet has an extensive fleet of electrically powered semi-automatic clipping machines available for hire to provide short-term additional capacity, or for long-term fixed cost benefit.


For new users of net as a packaging medium or for new applications, ClippaNet works in conjunction with suppliers of materials to ensure that the right combination of materials and packaging machinery enables the most effective and efficient packs to be created.


ClippaNet provides after-sales care from the provision of parts and service to support with training for operators and users of the equipment which the company supplies.

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